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PR Lotion Bottle
Vinko Lozić

PR Lotion Bottle

Starter Kit
Penmount N/A


Starter Kit
Alan Martin
Good stuff

Good stuff, a little expensive and takes a lot of rubbing into the skin. Does exactly what it promises though 👍

PR Lotion Bottle
steven strathie
Goodbye to DOMS

Since using PR Lotion I haven't suffered from DOMS after bike rides. Incredible!! It has allowed me to train harder and and recover faster. Game changer.

Starter Kit
steven semaine

Ran 23 miles on Sunday legs felt good throughout. But had to put allot on. (Tall chap) so I am not using it as much as I would like as it’s rather expensive. Was not able to change the star rating so would give it 3 out of 5

Interesting product

I am not sure how it works (scientifically) but since using it, it has had a definite positive effect on my training!

PR lotion

Awesome product does exactly what it says on the tin

Really works!

I thought it might be marketing speak but having raced a few back to back days, I’ve really noticed the difference with this product. Legs definitely less sore.

Starter Kit
Jonathan Grievson
Big thumbs up

Love the product. Think I will struggle to go on long rides without it.
Only downside to the starter kit is I think for me the sachets don't have quite enough in for me but as a light travel amount they definitely still do the trick

PR Lotion Bottle
Kypros Harrison
Tried and tested

Have now used two bottles in two weeks I will agree that the product is expensive. Why use so much? This time of year is just before the Worlds, so in the last week have completed heavy training ready to go into taper. How did I get on? The volume of swimming attain was 20km, which is 2.5 time more than usual and I also completed 1.5 times the run distance but at speed. The following day although fatigued there has been no stiffness associated with DOMS. I’d give the product a high 9 /10 except for the eye watering cost. To be effective for me I really need 4 bottles per month at a cost of £140. At this price it becomes a luxury rather than an essential. For the price would need to come down by 30/40% for me to be be committed. So at the moment will I commit? No, I don’t think so. Great product but too expensive.

Great but…

I think it works. It might be me wanting it to work, but either way it seems to do something, so I’ll take that. The elephant in the room though is the price. It’s expensive stuff and the postage is insane too. If it were more affordable I’d give it a better rating but I can’t help feeling every time I put it on that the creators are giggling as they count their money.

Boost with a but…

You can ride faster, harder and longer with PR BUT once it wears off your muscles can feel like they’re bonking so recover well.

Starter Kit
Kypros Harrison
Early Days

I am trying out AMP And it’s early days. I am still learning how much to apply for effective use. I’ve managed to use a whole bottle in a week as some days are double training. This could get very very expensive. But does it work? Early days.

Seems solid.

Used twice for some long hilly outings and must admit my legs felt fresher for longer. The inevitable sore legs came on a lot later

Recovery Kit
Claire Walton
Seems to work

I used the lotion pre race and it definitely didn’t feel as fatigued as I usually would - especially as it was 2000m of climb on the bike and 2000 on the run!

Feels good but…

boy is it expensive!
Clearly it’s anecdotal but where I’d expect to feel lactic in my legs, eg after a power-climb, a sprint, bridging to another group or chasing on, it’s much reduced. Research says 54% reduced but I’d say more than that.
The only downside is it’s eye-wateringly expensive and the postage charge is quite obscene when you consider the size and weight of the bottle. If Amp Human can address these issues, they’re onto a genuine winner and rate 5*. Otherwise it’s a luxury, for special occasions only.

It works...

I bought the sample pack without any real expectations (and, in reality, with more scepticism) but the results don't lie. I've used this product twice and I've hit PBs on each occasion. Legs definitely felt fresher at the end of each run too!

PR Lotion Sample

Thanks for the samples. It helps my muscles to feel better after bike rides

First Thoughts

Really impressed with service and Cream. Bison is very poor quality as writing has come off already

Great value at this price!

I have been thinking about buying AMP Lotion for a while but the price put me off.

I’m a firm hobby runner/rider training for a couple of half marathon and a Duathlon. I was looking for something to help with recovery and getting up to speed quicker and this has fine the trick…. Price will however determine what I do when I run out

PR Lotion Bottle
Guy Stapleford

Been using for a week now. Its certainly no miracle cure, it doesn't stop the hurt but it does take the edge off! Thicker applications the better.

The jury's out.....

It's fair to say it PR lotion reduced soreness to my thighs after continuious days riding. However, I used the lotion on whilst on holiday and my holiday rides are nowhere near as strenuous as my regular "home" rides. I would buy the 5 pouch pack for holidays only BUT AMP Human need to address their prices....

Great product

Really shocked how effective this stuff is. Defo use it again


Haven’t tried it yet !

PR Lotion Bottle
Helen Oldridge

It might just be placebo but it seems to do what it says on the tin. Will be buying more!