How to Maintain Training Motivation at Home

2020 has made us rethink and adapt quickly to what was once our normal ways of staying fit, healthy and mentally motivated. Change can be hard, and with more time than ever at home it’s important to set some mental and physical goals to stay motivated, even if that’s just acknowledging that giving it your best, may look a little different right now. 

Our VP of Science and Innovation Brad Wilkins shares his advice for maintaining motivation at home and setting some realistic goals for yourself right now. 

Brad’s Key Advice:

- Now is a great time to take a step back and evaluate your training - What might you be missing? Are you focused on cardio, but not getting enough strength training or vice versa? There is a gift in having more time; you can refocus and understand why you’re doing what you’re doing and better understand the purpose and intention behind activities. What is your training missing?

- Additionally, with competitions and events pushed back, try to assess what imbalances or weaknesses there might be in your preparation: Are you giving nutrition and recovery as much thought as your workouts? Without recovery, there is no adaptation. And without adaptation, there is no growth.

- Get back to the basics of human movement and body weight mechanics. If you don’t have access to lots of equipment, work on the quality of your movement and improve your ranges of motion; now is a great time to try and fix any imbalances you might have.

- It can really help to be intentional with your training plan. The world's best athletes have a specific purpose for every part of their plan - recovery, nutrition and workouts - and while you don’t need to train like a professional athlete right now, intention can really help with motivation.This could be setting sleep goals, drinking more water each day or moving for 30 minutes every day - they don’t need to be complicated but they will help keep your motivation higher.

- It’s normal for stress to be higher with so many unknowns and adapting to this new normal; if you’re having a high stress day, don’t overthink it, just go run - go play! Be active for the sake of being active. You don’t always need to track your pace on the bike or see how many steps you’ve tracked for the day, just refocus on your love of being healthy and active and go move! 

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